3 Reasons to Cook With a Carbon Steel Fry Pan

Thousands of customers are giving up their traditional cast iron skillets in favor of carbon steel fry pans. Cast iron can develop a somewhat crumbly disposition, while carbon steel offers a tough, smooth, surface that stays that way for years. Frying pans are made of 99% iron and 5% carbon. When online shoppers compare carbon steel fry pans reviews invariably point out their versatility and durability. Buyers can also choose from a range of styles in various sizes and price ranges.

Chefs Love Carbon Steel Pans

Customers often choose carbon steel pans because top chefs swear by them. Professionals work in fast-paced environments and need cookware that heats up quickly and performs reliably. That is why carbon steel fry pans are so common in the best restaurants. Homeowners may not need to cook night after night for hours, but when creating meals for families, they still want pans that can be relied on to produce great food. Carbon steel is also light, works exceptionally well with high heat, and is fairly affordable.

Carbon Steel Fry Pans Are Versatile

Professional cooks often use carbon steel pans because they are versatile. A single pan can be used to cook eggs, poultry, meat and vegetables on a stove top. Carbon steel is ideal when braising ingredients for stews, soups, and barbecue. The pans are well-suited to searing and browning. Many vegetarians adapt their fry pans for stir frying and sauteing. Cooks can oven broil meet in carbon steel pans and even use them to bake casseroles, breads, pies, and cakes.

Suppliers Offer a Variety of Options

Since shoppers often want to invest in a single carbon steel fry pan that replaces several others, they tend to choose one that meets specific needs. Fortunately, suppliers offer a range of exceptional all-purpose styles. Three of the favorites among experts are the French De Buyer round pan, the Mauviel M’steel black model (also French), and the Matfer Bourgeat frying pan. Each is sold in various sizes.

The carbon steel frying pans that have long been used by chefs are now becoming popular among home cooks. Carbon steel is durable, lightweight, and performs well with high heat. It is also easy to find carbon steel frying pans in a variety of styles, sizes, and price ranges.