After Being Accused of DUI, Contacting an Attorney Will Be Productive

Every responsible driver knows not to get behind the wheel when under the influence of alcohol. Pennsylvania’s laws take a dim view of such dangerous behavior, with penalties mounting steadily the more impaired a driver becomes.

In some situations, drivers who are arrested and charged with DUI end up hurting their own cases by failing to seek legal counsel and representation. Lawyers who take on DUI defense cases and protect the interests of their clients vigorously can almost always make a definite difference.

Having Legal Representation Can Fundamentally Change the Nature of a DUI Case

Some drivers who find themselves facing DUI charges succumb to a fatalistic attitude that resistance feels futile. It can even seem as if the facts of a given case are so clear cut that only a conviction can possibly follow.

In reality, there is almost always uncertainty and even subjectivity built into DUI cases. Prosecutors and police officers know this but will generally act as if their claims were truly ironclad and impervious to criticism or correction.

Lawyers who handle DUI cases for their clients will inevitably be better positioned to get to the heart of the matter and ensure that no unjustified punishment will be ordered. The simple act of getting in touch with an attorney can transform what might have been a conviction into a real chance to put the matter to rest far more successfully.

Many Ways to Show That DUI Charges Were Not Justified

In practice, that will most often mean attacking the claims made by authorities in ways that prove those claims are exaggerated or deceptive. On-the-spot readings of blood alcohol levels, for instance, can often be shown to be much less reliable and precise than the readings are typically represented.

The field sobriety tests that officers administer are also inherently subjective and prone to yielding false positives. By focusing on issues like these and quite a few others, attorneys regularly prove able to have DUI charges reduced or dropped entirely. Any such victory can end up being significant given the severity of the punishment that will often follow after a conviction.