Important Aspects to Remember after an Accident

Reports show more than six million vehicle accidents occur each year on America’s roadways, resulting in an estimated three million injuries. Furthermore, almost 100 people are killed in accidents every day. Despite the frequency at which accidents take place, people are often unaware of how to proceed in the moments to follow. Certain aspects should receive immediate attention here because they’ll come into play later on should a personal injury case ensue.

Medical Attention

People often refuse medical attention following an accident because they aren’t feeling pain at the moment. This even happens in some serious crashes. They fail to realize adrenaline kicks in during all the excitement and confusion, making them oblivious to any injuries they may have sustained. That being said, in many cases, injuries can take anywhere from a few hours to several days to become apparent.

Allowing first responders to examine you after an accident or visiting a nearby emergency room is essential. At the very least, see your primary care provider within a day or two afterward. For one, this goes a long way toward detecting injuries even if you’re not in pain and beginning necessary treatment early on. Secondly, it creates a solid record of medical needs and expenses to be presented in court.


When a personal injury case goes to court, evidence is needed to prove who is at fault and to what extent. Personal accounts of the accident often don’t qualify as undeniable proof. After an accident takes place, be sure to take pictures or video if you’re able to do so. Catch images of the vehicles involved, debris or tire marks on the road, traffic lights, signs and other elements that might be relevant to the case. Consider installing a dash camera in your vehicle, so you’ll be prepared in advance for any accidents that might happen.

In addition to receiving medical attention and taking pictures, take down the contact information of any fellow motorists or bystanders who witnessed the collision. Be sure to ask for names, phone numbers and email addresses so you’ll have more than one detail to go on if you need to contact them. People have been known to acquire new phone numbers or email addresses, but they usually don’t change both simultaneously. Each of these measures is sure to work in your favor if your accident evolves into a personal injury case.