The Benefits and Savings Involved in Building Pole Barn Homes

People who want to live in a rural setting can have trouble finding a home that fits their needs. This leads many to purchase rural land and begin budgeting for new home construction. Rather than be stuck with the exorbitant price of building a new farmhouse or log cabin, individuals can now take advantage of the affordable Pole Barn Homes that are gaining popularity due to their practical and manageable features.

Less Stone Equals Better Value

One of the main reasons that pole barn homes are exceptionally affordable is due to a minimal need for excavation at the start of the build. Unlike a conventional home that requires a foundation or basement to act as the base of its support system, pole barn homes are supported by a series of poles driven into the ground around a cement slab that are then encased in concrete. This results in less digging as well as masonry work since the exterior metal runs right down against the slab.

Energy Efficient

People can also save money with a pole barn home because of excellent energy efficiency. Since the poles are spaced out much farther than normal wall studs, larger sheets of continuous insulation can be installed. This greatly reduces gaps or breaks in the insulation where drafts normally form and in turn keeps the interior temperature stable.

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

The first thing people notice on a pole barn home is the metal exterior, making them think that the entire home will be rather plain and simple. This is deceiving since the interior is one large room that almost any floor plan imaginable can be designed around without having to rely on load-bearing walls. The open floor plan also lets homeowners utilize any kind of wood, tile, or stone that they desire to make the interior more beautiful. With a keen eye and proficient interior design skills, homeowners can create a truly unique home.

Assistance is Available

Figuring out how to design a pole barn house so that it doesn’t simply look like a large shed can be challenging for some people. Fortunately, there are companies like Sherman Pole Buildings whose development team will help customers create an interior layout and exterior facade that meets their desired specifications. Once this is finalized, the company is more than willing to help the customer make this home become an affordable reality.