Top Reasons to Lobby to Change Marijuana Laws

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is dedicated to reform marijuana laws in the United States. Each year, more people face arrest for possession of marijuana than committing violent crimes. Making a change is essential, so consider some of the top reasons to lobby to change marijuana laws today.

More Arrests for Possession

Some people use marijuana for pain relief and other medical purposes, while others are recreational users. Either way, there are more arrests for possession of marijuana than for its sale and manufacture. It defies common sense to think people who use marijuana for personal purposes are arrested more often than those profiting by the sale of it.

Use of Medical Marijuana

People with health conditions such as cancer and more turn to marijuana for much-needed relief. Lobbying for reform in marijuana laws includes allowing people to use it with the medical recommendation of a qualified doctor. Instead of facing the fear of penalties and arrests, patients can relax and derive the benefits from its use.

Regulation Rather Than Prohibition

The current laws that exist to prohibit the use of marijuana are restrictive and punitive. Instead of banning marijuana, lobbyists are seeking regulatory laws that permit its use under designated circumstances. Regulation rather than prohibition makes marijuana more accessible without the anxiety of being arrested for having it.

Media Coverage

One of the best ways to raise awareness is to get honest media coverage about the benefits of marijuana and why it should be regulated rather than prohibited. Currently, a myriad of misstatements and untruths are available in the media. Putting out the truth about marijuana in a way the public can clearly understand is a crucial first step toward helping to change the laws.

Gain Support

As more people talk about marijuana laws, the lobbyists gain the support of talented people and organizations. Increasing awareness will help to educate the public and ultimately, change restrictive and inappropriate laws.

Sending people to prison for using marijuana is harmful for many reasons. Learning them and supporting the right laws are helping individuals and society at large to move forward in an educated, sensible way.