Trying to Unblock Websites? Let’s Take a Look at What’s Behind the UK ISPs’ Blocking System

UK ISPs provide services to remove inappropriate content to all customers. The devices are specifically designed to make the browsing experience safe for children. Nonetheless, these methods do not always function as demonstrated by the Blocked Project of the Open Right Groups.

Numerous court-ordered blockades of pirate sites have taken place in the UK. Nevertheless, optional filtering services are also available in the United Kingdom from ISPs. Such filters are allowed to remove inappropriate content specifically for children vpn by default for several ISPs.

The Blocked campaign by Open Rights Groups has shown the coverage and efficiency for the average Internet user of the multiple UK ISP filters. As predicted, the blocked websites found are mostly sites directed at mature audiences. The filters usually block adult content very effectively, so there do not seem to be any issues in how they work for these pages.

Within UK ISPs, a large number of VPN and proxies are not available. Although the programs are not dangerous or ineffective in themselves, they will require users to view blocked content and to circumvent parental checks. Though interestingly, the TOR browser can be used.

Surprisingly, some of the websites targeting at children are banned. The British website Disney and the Disney Films page are included. Neither website at first sight is harmful, and British Telecom’s Strict filters seem rather harsh. Many casual websites were also blocked, saying that behind the blocks were “guns, crime, gore and hate.”

Even the entirely safe, historical websites that talk about ancient weapons are also blocked. Luckily these websites can be unlocked by submitting a request to unblock any of your favorite websites on the Open Rights Group list that you feel unfairly restricted.