Why So Many People Now Choose Pole Barn Homes

Pole barns developed out of the need for farmers to have a sturdy and affordable structure they could assemble quickly. Supports for these buildings go directly into the ground without the need to spend time and money on a foundation. Over time, the type of materials and design plans improved to make it possible to use this method for home building as well.

Understand the Concept

People may mistakenly believe their home will look like a barn. The exterior of the homes can easily have a rustic barn-like charm, but there are many other possible designs too. The houses can include decks and porches and have metal, wood, or even stone or brick siding. The creativity of the designer or homeowner allows for the interior of the home to have endless layouts and appearances. Some owners choose concrete floors and others install hardwood, tile or carpet. Anything homeowners would want from their stick-built home is available from a pole home too.

Know the Benefits

An open floor plan is one of the most popular features of pole barn homes. The openness allows flexibility in the design but also enables people to have adequate family and entertaining spaces in even the smallest home. The homes assemble faster, need less groundwork, and use fewer resources than traditional stick-built houses. The design is economical and environmentally friendly.

Plan Construction Carefully

Construction of a home of this type is different because of the lack of a foundation. Adaptions to basic house plans for the electrical, heat, and plumbing systems become necessary. Consider frost lines and local building codes before the project begins. The interior can seem cavernous without proper layout plans. People that need financing to build their pole frame home may find traditional lenders hesitant when the home does not include a foundation. However, over the last few years, more lenders have realized the quality of the homes and financing options continue to increase.

Anyone interested in a pole frame home should begin with their own design. Contact a builder with the basic plan, so they can adapt the ideas into a workable home. Pole frames homes work perfectly for anyone that wants a beautiful, energy-efficient house that they can have move-in ready in a fraction of the time of other types of construction.